Understand true user experience with independent, real-world data

Move beyond simulations and approximations. With real-world data measured from millions of real-world user devices, OpenSignal is the trusted, independent provider of the most definitive insight into the true experience users are receiving.

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OpenSignal has a network of over 1.5million active devices globally that are continually measuring the mobile coverage and performance they are receiving, representing the largest and most accurate independant measurement of global mobile connectivity ever performed.


No more approximations and simulations

Many current sources of mobile coverage and performance rely on extrapolating from a small number of measurements. For example, "drive-testing" will generally use a single test device or equipment to measure a snapshot of connectivity on a limited set of locations. But mobile usage is far more complex than that: thousands of different models are used in many different situations. In many countries the vast majority of mobile usage now happens indoors which drive-testing provides no visibility to. OpenSignal data opens up a direct window into exactly what users are experiencing across all these devices and in all of these situations.


A direct window into what users experience

As OpenSignal's app sits on the device with the user, we see exactly what they see. We can monitor when they are connected to 2G, 3G and 4G networks but we also see when they are not receiving any connectivity at all and where it's occuring, something that's not been traditionally measurable. We can also measure when and where users are choosing to connect to Wifi providing valuable insight into mobile behaviour and experience. Note: OpenSignal takes privacy very seriously and we only measure diagnostic information relating to the mobile connection - we don't see see what sites they browse or collect demographic information, for example.

Measure coverage the way consumers experience it

Coverage is traditionally measured as the proportion of population that have coverage, which is generally defined as the proportion of households that have signal outside. However, this doesn't account for whether users have signal inside or what happens when they are on the move. Statistics flaunting 98%+ population coverage are misleading as users don't experience coverage 98% of the time. OpenSignal can measure this though, by continually recording whether a user has a connection or not we can measure the proportion of time that users have signal. Our 'time-coverage' metrics are a more modern, relevant way of looking at mobile coverage that quantifies it in the way that users experience it.

Data from a trusted, independant 3rd party

OpenSignal is a fiercly independant company that works directly with consumers to source it's data. OpenSignal was started from a belief that consumers need a source of independant data on mobile network quality as choosing the right network provider is crucial to modern life. OpenSignal measures and reports on the the data with no other motive than accuracy and transparency so consumers, mobile operators, analysts, regulators and other groups can rely on OpenSignal to provide a trusted, independant view on mobile network quality.