Increase customer trust with independent, 3rd party data

By referencing 3rd party, independent data you can speak directly to consumers in a language they understand and be more effective in building consumer trust. Be open and transparent about your network and consumers will celebrate your strengths and reward you with their loyalty.

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Modern, savvy consumers demand transparency

Consumers are suspicious of claims made by companies that are selling them a service. They are tired of signing up to services that don't live up to the level of promise they were given. Win the trust of customers by being open and transparent with them about your service and how it compares to other options that they have. 

Use independent data to maximise consumer messaging

When trying to win consumer trust, independant data is far more trusted than internal data. Trying to convince users of the coverage of performance you provide can be a challenge but by pointing to a 3rd party, independant report users are far more likely to trust the data.

Show users verified coverage information and how it stacks up to competitors

Consumers have grown tired of coverage maps that provide overly-optimistic predictions of coverage. Providing access to coverage maps that show where specifically coverage has (or has not) been measured can provide more relevant and trusted information to consumers and can even sit side by side to traditional predictive coverage maps as a complimentary solution. The most confident operators are going even further and enabling consumers to see exactly how their coverage compares to the competitors, which can demonstrate a level of trust and transparency that really resonates with consumers