Maximize Connectivity of your Workforce

We know that for modern enterprises connectivity is absolutely crucial. Any interruption in service or poor performance costs money in terms of lost productivity. OpenSignal can ensure your enterprise is maximising it's connectivity with a customized analysis provide your business with the data it needs to ensure that your service provider is meeting its obligations.

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Independant, unbiased data on service provider performance

Up to now, decisions about the service providers for corporate connectivity tend to have relied on data from the service providers themselves or made on price-only. Now, OpenSignal can arm your business with independant, granular data to ensure that you are choosing the service provider which will offer the best coverage and performance for your company, in exactly the locations that you operate. 


Gain visibility into the connectivity your workforce is experiencing

Traditionally, the mobile experience of your workforce is a black hole. Are employees experiencing service interruptions 1% of the time or 20% of the time? That information has not previously been available but OpenSignal can monitor the precise connectivity your mobile workforce is experiencing. Our solutions monitor the coverage and performance your employees are receiving on an ongoing basis and put this information at your fingertips. You can also monitor if another mobile operator could be providing a better service and see the exact gain you could receive if you were to change provider.


Ensure your service provider is meeting their obligations

With accurate data on the experience your workforce is receiving you can hold your mobile operator accountable for the service they are providing. Armed with accurate, real-world data you can move beyond vague promises and opague reporting and ensure that your service provider is laying out clear connectivity obligations and meeting them, or receive money back.


Avoid signal shock when switching service provider

Avoid being tempted by a significant cost saving offered by another mobile operator only to find your workforce receives significantly worse connectivity after switching, costing your business more in lost productivity than you stood to save. With OpenSignal data you can ensure that you are taking both cost and connectivity into account to ensure you are finding the right balance for your business needs.


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