Global data on mobile performance and wireless trends

OpenSignal's panel of millions of real-world users provides detailed insight into mobile trends globally. With its core data on the performance and coverage of mobile and wifi networks all the way to data analyzing how people are using mobile devices, OpenSignal is a source of insight on the entire mobile industry.

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OpenSignal is a pioneer in the field of crowdsourced on-device data which enables the collection of detailed data on a massive scale. Manual data collection methods (such as lab-testing, surveys or other panel-building techniques) are slow and expensive; 3rd party aggregation is messy and untrustworthy; Crowdsourced on-device represents a new paradigm in data collection that allows us to study the world through the eyes of millions of regular mobile users. 

Global benchmark of mobile network coverage and performance

OpenSignal is continually monitoring every mobile network worldwide and can provide a regularly updated set of KPIs analyzing operator coverage and performance across all network technologies (e.g. 2G, 3G and 4G).  Analyts around the world are are using OpenSignal data to gain an understanding of new technology rollouts (e.g. LTE); assess the impact of mergers on a particular market; analyze the strategies and success of market distruptor attempts; correlate with alternative economic or social metrics to assess the impact of connectivity on different countries.

Unified global methodology provides directly comparable data

Forget brokering multiple international partnerships and building complex calibration models to piece together data from different sources: OpenSignal collects data globally with a unified methodology in every country it operates providing directly comparable data in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Take the hassle out of your data acquisition operations and focus your time and resources on the analysis you can do once you've acquired the data.

Understand mobile device capabilities, data usage, wifi habits and more

OpenSignal data extends far beyond mobile network quality. For example, we can provide detailed insight on: the variety of mobile devices that consumers are using and their capabilities (e.g. components, dimensions, sensors etc), the aggregate data usage habits of mobile consumers (note - we do not collect any data on what consumers are looking at, just total data usage), when users are choosing wifi networks and how much they are using large scale wifi operator networks, to name just a few examples.