The true mobile experience, from millions of real-world users

OpenSignal is the leading source of data on the performance and coverage of mobile operators worldwide, using real-world data from millions of users of the OpenSignal mobile app. Forget surveys, approximations or simulations, the OpenSignal platform provides direct measurements of the true experience of mobile consumers globally.


The OpenSignal Platform

The OpenSignal platform collects billions of datapoints from the OpenSignal app to a secure, scalable crowd processing architecture from which powerful analytics can be derived. As our app exists on the device with the mobile user the OpenSignal platform measures all networks; all the time; everywhere.

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The OpenSignal App

The OpenSignal app helps users understand and improve their network experience and in return collects measurements on the connectivity the user is receiving.

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Scalable, cloud architecture

OpenSignal app users collect terrabytes of geo-located data every day which is collected in a secure, privacy-sensitive cloud architecure that can store and analyze this data rapidly.

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Generating powerful analytics

From this huge dataset OpenSignal generates detailed analytics that power the OpenSignal app, OpenSignal public reports and insights for OpenSignal clients.

Independant Data, Trusted Globally

OpenSignal data is trusted by over 100 of the leading stakeholders in the wireless industry from industry analysts, investment banks, consumer groups, retailers along with millions of consumers around the world.

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